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Exercise Physiology and Massage
To support you to be strong, confident and empowered



Relaxation and Remedial Massage  with Quality, Integrity and Care. At our clinic or we come to your home..


A unique approach to Personal Training

and Group 

Exercise Classes. At our clinic,  your home, outdoors or via the internet.

Online Exercise Classes
Connect to your body during exercise and talor your workout
based on how your body responds

A 6 week exercise program specific to the muscles of the
lower back, core and pelvis

An 8-week online exercise program designed to activate and strengthen individual muscles that are prone to being weak or inactive.


Our Fitness Services are Available Globally online 

What People Say

"These sessions have completely changed my attitude to exercise. It is so enjoyable to exercise in a group where we all have the freedom to tune into our bodies and move in a way that suits how we feel. Harmony in Movement is not just a 'catchy' name. This is exactly what you can experience when you listen to your body and move according to what you feel"


—  Fiona Lotherington, Lismore, Australia

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