Fitness, Exercise Physiology and Body Work 
That is deeply settling in the body

To be content, confident and empowered

Body Work Therapies such as exercise, rehabilitation and remedial massage can sometimes feel hard, uncomfortable, tiring or even painful. Often we think it's because there's something wrong with us, we are unfit, out of shape, weak or tight and we just need to try harder, do more, give it time or just push through. 

The truth is there's nothing wrong with us and it's the way of exercise or body work that needs to change to match exactly what you need!

Our Services

Harmony In Movement offers something unique. It's not a different type of exercise, with new equipment, music or routines and it's not a fancy massage technique. It's a different 'Way' of exercising and massaging that does not involve pushing or straining the body at any level.

Harmony In Movement exercise, rehabilitation and body work services are achievable and enjoyable and truly supports, nurtures and inspires another 'Way' of living. The results are an ease and settlement in your body and the confidence to naturally make healthy and positive lifestyle choices in all areas of your life, to live the Greatest and Grandest You!

Discover more about Harmony In Movement through our many testimonials and be inspired to another Way of exercising

What People Say

"These sessions have completely changed my attitude to exercise. It is so enjoyable to exercise in a group where we all have the freedom to tune into our bodies and move in a way that suits how we feel. Harmony in Movement is not just a 'catchy' name. This is exactly what you can experience when you listen to your body and move according to what you feel"


—  Fiona Lotherington, Lismore, Australia

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