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"These sessions have completely changed my attitude to exercise. It is so enjoyable to exercise in a group where we all have the freedom to tune into our bodies and move in a way that suits how we feel. Harmony in Movement is not just a 'catchy' name. This is exactly what you can experience when you listen to your body and move according to what you feel" 

Fiona Lotherington, Lismore,


"I feel what my body needs, what type of exercise, and what level - depending on how my body feels that day. This is a great difference compared to the push through that we are taught, no matter how our bodies are feeling. I feel more energised and more connected to myself throughout the rest of the day" 

Rebekah Muntelwit, Vancouver,


"With Harmony In Movement I have learnt how to stay with my body during exercise rather than checking out to music as I used to do. Aside from being more fun, it leaves me feeling invigorated, very connected with myself and vital”

Jenny Ellis, Brisbane,


"With my schedule, it was difficult for me to get to a gym, so having these sessions via the internet has been hugely supportive and doesn’t take anything away from the quality of this program" 

Sara Harris, Melbourne, Australia

“Previously I exercised for the sake of it, to relieve stress, or to punish myself because I was too heavy, or ate too much. Now to exercise like I am is amazing. I feel stronger on the inside, like the exercise is nourishing my body, rather than hammering it as I had done in the past”


Anna McCormack, Goonallabah, Australia

“As I incorporated the exercise into my workouts I found that I accessed a depth, quality and feeling in my body like no other exercise regime that I have tried before… and that’s in 30 years of exercising”


Rob Moussalli, Gold Coast, Australia

"Keeping in check with my body, and giving it the chance to move in the way that it wants to, has helped make a massive difference to the way I feel in general. I am much happier and energetic, and I feel good about myself. I appreciate my body more now and I find it easier to not overeat or eat crappy foods" 


Emily Rutherford, Brisbane, Australia

"The gentle exercise are a lovely way to be with me, inviting me to tune in to how my body feels and what is needed in the way of exercise in that moment. The push and the mind chatter stop so the focus stays with the exercises making them all the more beneficial"


Sandra, Brisbane, Australia

"Exercise some time ago meant getting into a bit of a rush and it being an actual strain on my body; now it could not be more different.  I feel my body open up, release tension, become stronger and feel more present"


Katerina, Melbourne, Australia

"I had a couple of private sessions with Danielle many years ago. These sessions provided a foundation of reconnecting movement that I have used every day since then, and I recommend them as an essential part of everyone's daily ritual"

Chris James, Northern Rivers, Australia

"I have been exploring sessions via the internet. It's a great workout, yet very gentle as opposed to what is offered on the fitness market, where all is about pushing the limits. With Danielle's lovely guidance I have felt truly supported and cared for throughout 

every session"


Eva, Oslo, Norway

"It's so lovely to exercise in a gentle way while also getting a working-out! They are freeing, non-restricting, beautiful movements, that leave me with even more energy for the day. I feel myself letting go as if I was a child playing again, So Refreshing"


Ariel Muntelwit, Brisbane, Australia

"I had never exercised in my life and really didn't think it was something for me. I now love exercising and finding muscles in my body that I never knew existed. As my body has slowly strengthened, I have felt so much better in my body and in my moods. It supports me for the whole day"  


Rosie Bason, Goonellabah, Australia

"Harmony In Movement shows how simple it is to support our bodies with exercises for the whole body. I realize how much I love moving my body and feel deeply what is happening in my body for each specific exercise. All inspired from online sessions on the other side of the world!"


Sarah Schurch, Winterthur, Switzerland

"I've been doing Harmony In Movement exercise groups via the internet for the past few weeks and have been so inspired at how simple exercise can be. I now take that way of doing a workout to the gym with me. Thanks Danielle. I look forward to the next group exercise program" 


Lucy Dahill, Sydney, Australia

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