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Shoulders, Neck and Arms

Online Exercise Program

There is a certain alignment of your posture and skeletal system that allows muscles to be engaged and activated in a rhythmic and synchronistic way together, to allow movements to flow and be performed with ease and strength.


Often we hold postures that don’t allow muscles to be engaged in full, or we don’t engage or activate all muscles in the most efficient flow, or sometimes some muscles remain completely asleep, don’t get activated and don’t perform their job in a movement at all.


It's possible to build our body connection and awareness to recognise when our posture and skeletal system is not aligned and our muscles not engaging in full.


Sometimes some aches, pains or niggling injuries are a result of inefficient postures and movements in the body, and a simple shift in posture and way of movement can make a huge difference, especially when completing strength training.


It’s common to go through a series of strength training but not maximise the training because of old postures or movements that are being performed during the training, without our conscious awareness. Simple prompts to adjust posture or slightly change movements during an exercise can bring conscious awareness and unlock old postures.

Delicate movements and exercises will be undertaken in the Upper Body Exercise Program to support an awakening and development of awareness of your upper body posture, skeletal alignment and the associated muscles, so you can develop a posture and way of moving that supports your body and maximises your strength training.

What's Involved:

  • Connect to 15 different muscles associated with upper body and shoulder movement including; trapezius, rhomboids, pectoral major & minor, latissimus dorsi, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres major & minor, levator scapular, deltoids, biceps and triceps, forearm flexors and extensors.

  • Delicate movements and exercises specific to each muscle 

  • Review musculoskeletal anatomy drawings provided to help develop a relationship with each muscle

  • Identify any tension or weaknesses in the muscles

  • Explore the quality and flow in different shoulder movements and how posture and shoulder position influence this

  • Stretches for each of the different muscles

  • Strengthening exercise for each of the different muscles

  • Exercise routines that support shoulder connection, flexibility, strength and flow

  • Developing an exercise routine specific to your shoulders and your body's needs.

  • Suitable for anyone with minor shoulder conditions or concerns as exercises are all very gentle and modifiable according to how you feel and your body responds.


What you need:

  • Exercise mat

  • Large towel

  • 1kg to 2kg hand weights for women

  • 2kg-5kg hand weights for men

  • Medium strength thera-band

  • Medium size kids plastic ball (preferably about 3/4 to 1/2 the size of a soccer ball, or a tennis ball will work also if this is all you can find)

  • Access to Zoom 


6 Week Program

Starting 2023


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