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Serge Benhayon
Philosopher, Teacher, Healer and Friend

Serge Benhayon is a well-known Philosopher, Author and Healer who lives in Northern NSW Australia. He has written and published over ten books, pioneered over eight healing modalities and regularly runs workshops, healing courses and retreats in Australia and the UK which are broadcast live across the globe to thousands of participants. His work is based on the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom, which was established very early BC. 

Unlike most well-known people, Serge is not just famous for his knowledge and teachings or what he has achieved. The work he shares is deeply loved and appreciated by many, but what Serge himself is most known for is who he is, the way he chooses to live and the quality of his friendships. 

A Universal Man

Serge Benhayon is a Universal Man, like many well-loved philosophers throughout our ages, such as Buddha, Plato, Patanjali, Krishna, Imhotep, Hermes and Pythagoras, just to name a few of the many thousand that have been. We all have the capacity to live as a Universal Man, it's nothing special that is reserved for any group of people, and it's very natural and normal. It’s a living with the knowing and appreciation of the fact that we are all much more than what the eye can see, or more than what modern science can measure. We are not just a physical mass, instead we are energetic and multi-dimensional, everyone and everything interconnected, all from and part of the one universe. Living as a Universal Man means we have access to Universal Wisdom, which is also known as The Ageless Wisdom.

For me just knowing Serge Benhayon and having the pleasure of being a good friend of his has helped me to gain a greater understanding of the 'more' that is and has always been available in life.

Consistently Living
In Connection

Serge is a person that can always be relied on, no matter what. He lives with a consistency and steadiness of joy, love and vitality that he very rarely if at all wavers from. This love and joy is not reserved for his wife, children, grandchildren, work colleagues or close friends, but it's what he lives daily where ever he goes, in every situation, with every person. No one person gets more of him than any other and nobody gets less. 

Serge is a genuine gentleman, and I don't mean nice, polite and courteous, or well-dressed and well-mannered. What I mean is that he is genuinely loving and deeply caring with everyone equally. It's in the way he moves, the choices he makes daily and the responsibility he takes to know that the quality of every thought, word, movement or action effects everyone and everything in every moment. There's no exact words that can explain how this feels, it's a presence and a quality that is very still, deep and beholding. 

The Way Of The Livingness

Everything that Serge teaches he lives first. He represents a way of connecting to and living the Ageless Wisdom and it's called The Way of The Livingness.

The beautiful thing about The Way of The Livingness is that it is unique to each and everyone one of us. There are no rules or teachings that need to be followed, and instead the teachings are to support a re-connection to our own multidimensionality and universality or our own Divine essence found deep within. Once we connect to this place it's up to us how we bring it up and out and how it will look. 

Danielle's Way of The Livingness

It’s living with a connection to the grandest part of me, the part that is strong, powerful and confident yet gentle, graceful and wise. It reminds me of the beauty and purity I felt as a child, or that I feel now when watching a new-born baby sleep, so deep and still, like they're in another world. Living connected to this place inspires me to make different choices, to be more caring, respectful, loving and nurturing, with myself and naturally others also. Life begins to change as a self-love, self-appreciation and confidence to be myself in full is born. Not only do I feel to make more positive or loving choices, I also feel empowered to step into and live the awesome life I truly deserve, with an absolute authority and no fears or holding back.

My Way of The Livingness inspires all that Harmony In Movement is and represents, as you will read and feel throughout the pages of this website. Thank you Serge for being a wonderful and inspiring friend, all that you live has ignited a spark within me to live my own true and fiery way, to be my own Universal Woman. 


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