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Focusing on specific muscles 

An 8-week online exercise program designed to strengthen individual muscles that are often weak or inactive.


Program Overview:

  • See anatomy drawings of individual muscles to help feel the muscle in your body

  • Explore ways to identify if a muscle is weak or inactive (asleep and not working)

  • See compensations that happen in the body when a muscle is not working

  • Complete exercises that help to re-activate and awaken sleepy muscles

  • Experience how muscles are either on or off to support harmonious movement

  • Explore strength training exercises that target each muscle

  • Exercises using body weight, hand weights, strap on weights, thera-bands and balls

  • Sense what exercises works best for you to activate and strengthen individual muscles

  • Access recordings of all classes for 10 weeks

  • Two class options to suite your time zone


Focus on different muscles each week, including:

  • Abdominal muscles (rectus and transverse abdominis, obliques)

  • Lower back muscles (quadratus lumborum and erector spinae)

  • Upper back muscles (rhomboids, middle trapezius, latissimus dorsi)

  • Back of the shoulder muscles (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres major and minor, posterior deltoid, triceps)

  • Front-thigh, inner-thigh and inner-hip muscles (quadriceps, adductors, iliacus, psoas major)

  • Back-thigh and outer-thigh muscles (hamstrings, gluteus medius and minimus, TFL)

  • Buttock and Hip-rotator muscles (gluteus maximus, piriformus and others)

  • Week 8 will put it all together for a full body workout

What you need:

  • Exercise mat

  • 1kg to 2kg hand weights for women

  • 2kg to 5kg hand weights for men

  • 1kg to 2kg strap on ankle weights

  • Light and Medium strength thera-bands

  • Small plastic kids ball (about the size of a soccer ball but not as hard)

  • Pillows, folded towels and/or a blankets to support your body

  • Comfortable clothes to exercise in

  • Access to a Zoom account


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