Body Work that Supports Your Body

to Stop, Surrender, Heal and Rebuild

Every day life can be very demanding with long work hours, busy social lives, lack of quality sleep, financial strain, relationship stress or illness and disease.


Being in every day life can often result in feelings of stress or anxiety and a tension in our body

Eventually the tension in our body is felt as a heaviness, tiredness and stiffness in our muscles and joints. If this is ignored it can lead to muscular imbalances or injuries and a burning, stabbing or throbbing pain any where in our body. 

Our Relaxation Massage, Remedial Massage and other body work services provide an opportunity to let go of the day, a moment to surrender and drop deep within, to a place that is still and supportive. From this place you can truly let go of any tension or raciness and begin to heal, rehabilitate and re-build your body.


available in clinic or your home

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We all have the ability to let go and surrender. Sometimes we've just forgotten how, or it's been so long it feels like we're trying to stop a high speed train.
Bit by bit the train will stop, until we remember how to easily stop it on our own and ensure that we never drive it out of control again. 
Exercise Physiology

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