Harmony In Movement has a unique approach to fitness training
The focus is to maintain a Connection and Quality in breath and movement.
Four Simple Steps To Another Way of Exercising 
to Rebuild a Strong and Vital Body

STEP 1. CONNECT - Start with Reconnecting to a Gentle Quality of Breath and Movement, that supports a freedom, flow and spaciousness in your connective tissue. This is Harmony In Movement. 


STEP 2. KNOW YOUR BODY - Once Harmony In Movement is in development the next step is to get to Know Your Body Intimately. Connect with your body deeply during very subtle movements or exercises to feel any numbness, tension or weakness and begin to understand what postures, movements or imbalances may be causing these and what exercises are needed to address them. 


STEP 3. REALIGN & REBALANCE - Once you've felt and understood any imbalances or weaknesses in your body it's easy to begin to feel what stretching and strengthening exercises are needed to Realign and Rebalance Your Body on All Levels. Motivation is easy, as you feel your body building an inner-strength and a stable foundation.  


STEP 4. RE-BUILD - With an awareness of Harmony In Movement, a stable foundation and a growing inner-strength it's now time to Re-build Your Body, to be flexible, fit and strong, and fully vital to respond to all of life.  


See our exercise programs below to get a sense of the type of training program you and your body may need. 


available as personalised sessions and small group classes 

Exercises for you to feel any imbalances in your body (numbness,  weakness or  tension) to feel what you need to realign and rebuild

Aerobic exercises 

in tune with your natural breathing and heart rhythms to build a responsive and vital cardio-vascular system

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Our Fitness Services are Available Globally online

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Exercising in a way where you listen and respond to what you feel in your body is a positive and inspirational experience. It develops an empowering relationship with your body, and a trust and knowing in what you feel, resulting in a confidence to walk your walk and talk your talk. 


Relaxation and Remedial Massage  with Quality, Integrity and Care. At our clinic or we come to your home.