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Fully Registered and Insured to offer all services
to you, your family member or your client at home or in care.

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Having a long-term injury or disease can be an uncomfortable or difficult time in anyone's life. Often your whole life changes, in your ability to complete your work or home duties to maximum capacity and also in pressures that this can place within your family and other relationships. During these times it's important to get the best support you can, being as specific as you can in selecting the team of practitioners who support you.

Danielle is an Accredited Allied Health Care provider for her Clinical Exercise Physiology services. This means she is registered with Medicare, WorkCover, NDIS and most major Private Health Funds for all of her fitness and rehabilitation services. 


These services are offered within the Scope Of Practice of an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, as outlined by Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) and described in Our Code of Practice. Harmony In Movement practices according to the ESSA Code of Professional Practice and Conduct. Harmony In Movement's body work services are offered to those who choose these to support Exercise Physiology Services, however there are no rebates for body work services. See below for details on Rebates available for Clinical Exercise Physiology Services. 


Medicare Care Plan Support

The Australian Health Care and Medicare have developed a 'primary care plan' which is set up by your GP to bring together and monitor a group of practitioners to better support you.


To benefit from Medicare support you must be referred from a GP to Danielle for Exercise Physiology Services and placed onto an Enhanced Primary Care Plan.


To be eligible for a Care Plan you must have a chronic disease or injury, which can be any condition that you have had for a period of time that is negatively affecting your health and wellbeing.


You and your GP will then determine support from therapists, which may involve up to five sessions with any allied health profession (i.e Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Dietetics, Psychology etc).


Exercise Physiology sessions receive approximately $55 rebate from medicare. Individuals with diabetes are also eligible for 10 group exercise training sessions. 

Workcover and Insurance Claims

Sustaining an injury at work, or in a car accident or in any situation that influences your ability to care for yourself, work or live your life in full can be a very difficult and sometimes depressing time in one's life.


On top of the work, personal and family changes that you may experience, there are also many requirements you must meet with WorkCover or your insurance provider to get the treatment and care that you need. These requirements can feel somewhat demanding and sometimes place even greater stress on you mentally, emotionally and physically.


Danielle recognises that WorkCover and Insurance systems can be frustrating or difficult to work with, so she works closely with you and your provider as best as she can to help support you and your body.

A referral from a GP and an approval from your insurance provider is necessary to receive any WorkCover support for exercise physiology services to recover from a workplace injury. In many instances Danielle can organise insurance approval, but will just need the referral from your nominated treating doctor under WorkCover. 

Private Health Fund Rebates

Registered Private Health Funds - For Exercise Physiology Services 

Grand United
Australian Unity

Reserve Bank Health
Teachers Federation Health

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Relaxation and Remedial Massage  with Quality, Integrity and Care. At our clinic or we come to your home.

Please Note that Allied Health Care Sessions only include Exercise Physiology services and rebates are only available for these services, not any other body work services. 

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