Danielle Pirera

 Danielle brings an exceptional quality of service to all her clients which inspires them towards their own greater health, harmony and vitality.

Working with Quality and Integrity

Harmony In Movement is inspired by the ongoing professional development, training and life experiences of Danielle Pirera. Danielle has come to understand and appreciate that there is more to the body than meets the eye, and that the underlying truth of life, healing, body work and exercise therapy all comes down to how we live on a daily basis. For this reason Danielle recognises that the quality of her work is not only based on her level of education, training and experience, but also on the quality and integrity in how she lives her whole life. Danielle chooses to practice above and beyond the guidelines and codes of practice and conduct of an Allied Health Professional and Fitness Trainer.

Age 21
Age 24

Living True Success

In her early 20's Danielle felt that she ticked every box, academic success, high achiever in sports, fit, toned and in shape, long-term relationship, owned her own home, had overseas holidays and a successful career. She was 'living the life.'

By her mid 20's she started to feel that something was missing, everything was more than amazing on the outside, but there was a deep self worth, contentment and purpose in life missing on the inside. An uncertainty about life and driving to succeed on the outside can be seen in Danielle's eyes in the earlier photos in her twenties. Compared to the photo in thirties, 10 years on, where there is a sense of settlement and knowing in who she is and a confidence to bring this out. So what made the difference?  Read More Below

Age 35

Making True Change

False Sense of Success

From her teens to late 20's Danielle competed in high intensity and gruelling sports such as triathlon, half marathon running, 24 hour adventure racing and surfing over head waves in 3 foot of water on a coral reef. She was fit and toned and considered herself to be healthy and successful. 

However, at the end of the day when she closed her eyes she felt that something was missing, and that at times she was putting on a brave face to get through the day. The truth was she was often exhausted, craving sugar, feeling a bit uptight or anxious and would sometimes feel flat or unmotivated about parts of her life. 

When Danielle felt flat or lacking purpose she would consider a job change, new study, leaving a relationship, an overseas holiday or even a hair cut and new outfit. The truth was that although Danielle felt she was successful on the outside, she lacked a true success and contentment on the inside.

Image: Danielle on her 23 birthday, putting on a brave face. 

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