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Develop an intimate relationship with your cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems during aerobic and anaerobic exercise. These systems include your heart, blood vessels and lungs. 


Exercising with a deep and intimate connection with your body it is possible to sense the speed of your heart rate, depth and quality of breath, dilation of blood vessels, increased blood flow and even the activation, stretch and bounce of muscles and tendons during different cardio movements.


It is also possible to sense when you are working either aerobically or anaerobically and feel exactly and precisely how to change your movements to either remain mostly aerobic or increase your anerobic input. Exercising with such an intimate connection with your body is not only a great way to gently advance your cardio fitness and capacity, it is also an extremely joyful way to relate with and support your body during cardio exercise.


Sometimes cardio exercise can feel uncomfortable or unsettling or there is a lack of motivation to do it. This is common if the cardio exercise is either beyond what is needed or done in a way that causes restriction and contraction in the cardio systems. Adjusting your movements during exercise according to what you sense in your body it is possible to respond to exactly how much and what exercise intensity you need and move to expand and unleash your cardio systems.


This 6 week program is suitable for all ages and fitness levels from beginners to advanced as you will be encouraged and prompted to adjust your movements to respond to the signals or messages your body is sending you. We will discuss the difference between aerobic and anerobic exercise and what this feels like in the body when exercising and how to pace your exercise to exactly what your body needs. 


There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to exercise – there is Your Way and you are the one empowered to unleash this!


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