Exercise & Body Work that Inspires you
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The quality of how we breathe and move throughout the day influences how we feel and the choices that we make

Impacting our overall health and wellbeing

What is Harmony In Movement?

  • Developing a quality in your breath and movements that allows a connection to your inner-most, the Greatest and Grandest You.

  • Your inner-most you is strong, confident, vivacious and empowered with nothing to prove.

  • When we exercise with this inner connection and quality, we will not compromise it to achieve any image or goal in our fitness training.  

  • Connecting to ourselves and our body like this with exercise we register exactly how our body feels and respond to it.

  • Instead of pushing to keep up with a class or set program, we can work out in a way that matches exactly what the body needs.

Connection and Quality in Breath and Movement

Connecting is simple and natural. It starts with breathing gently or delicately, then allowing our whole body to surrender to the gentleness and delicateness. We then move from this quality, bringing the connection and quality into our movements. See our blog 'What is connection?' for more on this.


Choosing Connection and a quality in our breath and movements results in an openness and expansiveness in our body and our connective tissue system. This brings a settlement and ease to our body, supporting the release of any tension, holding, anxiousness or raciness in the body during both exercise and massage.

With settlement in the body a true vitality and aliveness can be developed, with a feeling of expansion and space in the body and a flow of movement.

Exercise with connection is achievable, enjoyable and deeply empowering. We are saying the grandest part of ourselves is worth listening and responding to.
 The overall result is feeling settled and confident,
knowing who we truly are. 

A genuinely caring and understanding therapist

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Meet Danielle Pirera

Nationally Registered in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage 

Qualifications and Training


  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science,

  • Honors in Exercise Science,

  • PhD in Exercise Physiology,

  • Cert IV in Fitness,

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage,

  • Cert IV in Relaxation Massage,

  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment

  • Other body work training (various types of Massage and Connective Tissue Therapy).


Accredited and registered with the following organisations;

  • Exercise Physiology with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

  • Personal Training and Group Fitness with Fitness Australia (FA)

  • Relaxation and Remedial Massage with Massage and Myotherapy Australia (MMA) 

20 years experience in;

  • Exercise training, body work, academic lecturing, research and training and assessment

  • Working in clinics, gyms, wellbeing centres, elite sports institutes, universities and training organisations.

  • Running Harmony In Movement

  • 7 years working in a national aged care organisation in Exercise Physiology in the  community.

  • 7 years working as a trainer and assessor for the Certificate IV in Relaxation Massage and Diploma of Remedial Massage for a nationally registered training organisation.